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gymnastics, parkour, trampoline & tumbling, agility, silks, tumbling for cheer & dance--from babies through adults

Dynamite Gyms is a suite of four gyms located in North Bethesda and Shady Grove in Montgomery County, Maryland. Each of our gyms specializes in different disciplines: gymnastics, agility, parkour, allstar cheer, and ninja warrior. We offer instruction, competitive coaching, open gyms, camps and birthday parties, along with fun, active events for the entire family.

Your kids are our kids

As with our own children, we want ALL of our student to reach their highest potential. Yes, we teach cartwheels and flips, but we also teach discipline, kindness, respect, self esteem, and perseverance. Creating the habit of practicing challenging skills over and over helps children develop persistence and motivation--creating a mindset of tackling all life's challenges with enthusiasm and passion


We have build a gym based on three pillars: Community, Development, and Safety. Community represents our belief that we have a duty to help others in a kind, compassionate way. Development means more than just gymnastics skills--it is the belief that our teaching impacts the lives of our students through serving as role models, reinforcing positive behavior, celebrating achievements to build self-esteem, and learning how to form friendships. Safety includes a clean gym, trained instructors, and developmental curricula.

Our mission

We strive to create a safe, encouraging, nurturing atmosphere where persons of all ages can build core life skills, self-esteem and social skills, develop physical and mental fitness, and foster a love of movement--all while having fun.