Dynamite Mission Statement

The mission of Dynamite (owners and staff alike) is to create a safe, encouraging, nurturing atmosphere where persons of all ages can build core life skills, self-esteem and social skills, develop physical and mental fitness, and foster a love of movement--all while having fun. 

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Dynamite Gymnastics Center was built for safety and fun.

The math is easy. Hundreds of square feet of bouncing floors + too many foam squares to count deep in our tumbling pits + trampolines + loads of tumbling tracks equals thousands of square feet of bouncing, balancing, and bounding. It’s serious business. When there’s an extra spring in every step, every gymnast and coach has that much more fun.

But before any gymnast could tumble through the doors, the plan for safety was put in place. Our gyms are equipped top to bottom with only state of the art equipment--Janssen-Fritsen, Ross, Elite, Eurotramp, and TumblTrak--all first rate in the industry. We pay particular attention to the layout of our gyms ensuring ample space for all of our gymnasts to make the most of their experience in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. From our 1,500 square foot pre-school zone to our extensive competition-level apparatuses for Women’s Artistic gymnasts…to our Tumbling & Trampoline arenas and Aerial Silks equipment, Dynamite’s facilities offer the space for any gymnast or athlete, at any level to grow, leap, bounce, and flip their way to success.

And, while the kids are hard at work inside the gym, parents can relax and make the most of some time to themselves. With free Wi-Fi, vending machine, and a wide viewing area of the whole gym, parents can watch their kids land their first cartwheel while finishing up that last work email. Additionally, our Pro Shop at Dynamite Gymnastics Center is full of awesome Quantum leotards, Dynamite-branded t-shirts, sweats and all sort of other gymnastics must-haves. 


TAC was the second gym started by the Dynamite family in 2012. The gym has two levels with their own unique flow. The upper level is dedicated to trampoline training, including flips and twists, and has a custom made ninja warrior course. The lower level is for tumbling and agility training with two levels of spring floors, and two obstacle courses based on age range. All of our courses are redesigned each week to target specific points of training.

Agility was created by the Dynamite owners to develop strength, balance, endurance, problem solving, determination and much more. The mixture of gymnastics technique, obstacle courses and free style movements make this a great activity for kids looking to do a little bit of everything. All of these fundamental concepts feed into our overall ninja warrior theme used to strengthen kids from the inside out.

The Agility Center is a truly unique facility dedicated to the combined arts of Ninja Warrior training and Gymnastics technique. By harmoniously combining the skill sets used in ninja warrior training with the calculated technique of gymnastics, participants will learn to navigate any obstacle in their path with precision and fluidity.  Our two conjoined gyms (10,000 sq. ft. total) offer two very different, yet exhilarating learning experiences. The upper gym has four in-ground trampolines to practice tumbling and air awareness drills, a large foam pit, spring floor, and a suspended Ninja Warrior course. The lower gym includes a tumble track, rod floor, and even more obstacle courses to sharpen your warrior skills.

Dynamite Tumbling & Cheer provides families in Montgomery County, MD and the surrounding area with a high quality recreational class and competitive cheerleading program. We not only build outstanding athletes, but also exceptional individuals. At Dynamite, we cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and respect. Our highly skilled coaching staff emphasize technique, proper skill progression, and personal development.


Bolt Parkour & Freerunning Academy is Montgomery County's 1st gym dedicated to the love and movement of Parkour and Freerunning. In outlining our mission, we sought to create a gym where participants of ANY age or experience level can be given the tools and guidance to be safe and successful when practicing and/or applying their skills to the natural environment. 

Our 7,200 sq ft facility has two separate parkour areas: One developmental area, to learn and progress your skills and then a separate area, to apply these skills and simulate the outdoor environment. The developmental area is comprised of a 2,000 sq ft carpet-bonded foam floor (360 sq ft is a spring floor) as well as a variety of soft blocks and mats for safe progressions. The Parkour area consists of a variety of interchangeable wood blocks and metal bars. All Traceurs--beginners through advanced--will periodically use trampolines to develop air awareness, improve rotation and twisting techniques, and gaining confidence with skills before attempting them on harder surfaces.

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