About Bolt Parkour & Freerunning Academy 

Montgomery County's first gym dedicated to the love and movement of Parkour and Freerunning!

Beginning - Advanced Parkour

Beginning - Advanced Freerunning

Ages 5 through adult

Bolt Parkour features:

  • 7,200 square foot facility

  • 2,000 square foot developmental skills training area with a variety of soft blocks and mats for safe progressions

  • 360 square foot spring floor

  • 50-foot air floor for tumbling training

  • Regulation size double-mini trampoline

  • Full-scale blocks for training more advanced skills

  • Full-scale two-level bar circuit

Our Facility:

Bolt Parkour & Freerunning Academy was the first facility in Montgomery County, dedicated to Parkour and Freerunning. In outlining our mission, we sought to create a gym where participants of ANY age or experience level can be given the tools and guidance to be safe and successful when practicing and/or applying their skills to the natural environment. 

Our 7,200 sq ft facility has two separate parkour areas: One developmental area, to learn and progress your skills and then a separate area, to apply these skills and simulate the outdoor environment. The developmental area is comprised of a 2,000 sq ft carpet-bonded foam floor (360 sq ft is a spring floor) as well as a variety of soft blocks and mats for safe progressions. The Parkour area consists of a variety of interchangeable wood blocks and metal bars. All Traceurs--beginners through advanced--will periodically use trampolines to develop air awareness, improve rotation and twisting techniques, and gaining confidence with skills before attempting them on harder surfaces.

What’s the Next Step?