Our gyms in North Bethesda (near White Flint) include our gymnastics center, agility/ninja warrior training center and a parkour and freerunning facility. Our facility in Gaithersburg specializes in artistic gymnastics, tumbling, agility and allstar cheer.  From toddlers through adults, we have classes to help you and your family members learn handstands, cartwheels, flips, and other fun skills in addition to developing dexterity, strength, balance, concentration, and flexibility.

Want a class in something you don't see? Contact us! We are always striving to utilize our expertise in acrobatic-related sports to develop new classes. Have two friends? Dynamite will open classes for groups of three or more. 

Dynamite has four locations--each with their own twist, but the core to every program is acrobatics, tumbling and functional movement. Kids don't play like they used to and, as a result, are less coordinated and often lack strength. 

While gymnastics is great for some kids, it's not for everyone. That is why we created Agility, Parkour and Ninja Warrior. These programs teach kids fundamental movement skills that increase motor planning, dexterity, air awareness, coordination, and best of all--confidence. 

At Dynamite, we want to inspire the next generation to develop a love of movement that will last a lifetime. 


It all started when…

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