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In addition to the policies outlined in the above Open Gym Rules,  please read and abide by the following policies:

  • Children under 10, or any age and unable to manage the equipment without assistance, or follow the gym safety rules, must be supervised by an adult IN THE GYM during Open Gym.
  • Anyone over the age of 23 must be a current member (enrolled in class or have a current membership) and pay the open gym fee to go on ANY equipment. Our membership fee is $50 per year, payable in person at any of our four gyms.
  • Excessive horseplay, refusal to follow staff instructions, and other unacceptable behaviors may result in ejection from the gym.
  • At any time, without notice, certain equipment may be roped off or otherwise restricted during Open Gym for safety reasons.
  • Drinks or food of any kind, including gum, are prohibited at all times in the gym.


  1. Pay at front desk.
  2. Sign the release on iPads located in our gyms' lobbies. SIGN OUR WAIVER AHEAD OF TIME
  3. Get hand stamped by staff member (required for all paying participants--adults and children).
  4. Place shoes and socks in available cubbies.
  5. Wipe feet with baby wipes located in lobby.
  6. Listen to the rules.
  7. Have a blast!!

NOTE: Our insurance PROHIBITS anyone over the age of 23 from using ANY equipment in our gym unless currently a member.  Our membership fee is $50 per year, payable in person at any of our four gyms.